Welcome Flat Hot Springs, New Zealand

Местоположение: Access is off SH 6, 26 km south of Fox Glacier. The turn off to the car park is well sign-posted on the northern side of the Karangarua River bridge. Drive approximately 150 m down the gravel road to the car park (please close the gate after you go through).

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Carpark to Welcome Flat Hut

Time: 7 hr one way
: 18 km

The track starts with a crossing of Rough Creek. If this creek is running high or is discoloured it is unlikely that this trip can be undertaken safely all the way to Welcome Flat Hut.

Although there is a flood bridge located 45 minutes upstream from the car park, if Rough Creek cannot be crossed safely then all the unbridged side creeks on the track will also be high and it is unlikely you will be able to cross them safely. The Copland River can also flood sections of the track making the track impassable.

After crossing Rough Creek, the track continues at the orange marker and follows a well formed path through the forest.

The track is marked across open areas and river crossings by orange triangle markers. From the confluence of the Karangarua River to Architect Creek, the track alternates mostly between boulder hopping on rocky riverbed and forest, with occasional grassy clearings.

Beyond Architect Creek the track climbs very gradually towards Palaver Creek as the valley narrows. The climb becomes more noticeable once you have crossed Open Creek.

After crossing the Shiels Creek bridge there is a short zigzag to the highest point of the track, after which you descend through fuchsia, ribbonwood and fern forest before emerging onto Welcome Flat, site of the 31 bunk hut.

The hot pools are just a short stroll from the hut with uninterrupted views of The Sierra Range. These pools are a fragile environment so please do not use soaps, lotions or shampoo in them or dig more pools. Remember to keep your head above the water to avoid the risk of amoebic meningitis. http://www.doc.govt.nz/coplandtrack

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