Hveraröndor Hverir hot spring area, Iceland

Location: about 15 km to the east from Reykjahlid.
Facilities: None. Natural hot spring area.
Description: Hverir hot spring area is located on the east side of the Myvatn lake. Myvatn basin sits squarely on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Although most of the interesting sights are volcanic or geothermal features, the centrepiece is the 37 sq km lake Myvatn itself, which average depth of only 2.5 m. The lake contains over 50 islands and islets, mostly pseudpocraters formed when molten lava flowed into the lake.
Namafjall and Dalfjall volcanic mountain ridge stretching for about 40-50 km to Krafla volcano is surrounded by lava fields and hot springs. Hverir is full of fumaroles, small geysers, sulfur-covered surfaces, multicolored slopes and water and mud pools. Smell of sulfuric gases is very strong. Geothermal power stations is located nearby.
Water type: H2S gas, acid.