Krafla volcanic area and crater lake Viti (=Hell), Iceland

Location: about 35 km North-East from Reykjahlid by 863 road.
Facilities: None, a thermal field around Krafla volcano.
Description: Víti is a huge explosion crater, about 300 metres in diameter. The crater was formed during a massive volcanic eruption at the start of the famous Mývatn Fires in 1724. The eruption continued more or less non-stop for 5 years and Víti’s bubbling cauldron of mud boiled for more than a century after that. Víti is situated near Krafla and there is a tarmacked road leading up to it from highway 1. The last eruption of Krafla volcano took place in 1984. Volcano slopes are warm and emit gases. Recent black lava overflew the old lava fields covered with green thick moss. Krafla geothermal station is operating here.