Kremasta Valtou (Mpalkona), Greece



Tel.: 26410 81810

The Kremasta baths, also known as “Mpalkona”, are 65 km away from Amfiloxia. The road is paved, except of the last ten km, where the road is under construction. The nice scenery and the thick vegetation, the sounds of the waters and the cool summer breeze, offer an escape from the harsh everyday life and relief to the body and mind. Visitors can combine strolling in nature with the beneficial properties of the balneotherapy.

Curative Water

The temperature of the water is 32,5oC

Characterisation: Curative water of the municipality of Amfiloxia

Therapeutic Indications: Rheumatisms, arthritis, skin ailments and also sciatica.

Health thermalism facilities

The facilities are supplied by the hot mineral waters that come from the research tunnel of the Hellenic Public Power Corporation, where the spring gushes overflowing its floor.

135 beds are available, double, triple, quadruple and 18 tubs in a specially shaped place that covers an area of 190 sq.m. In the guesthouses, visitors can find moments of peace and relaxation. There is also a restaurant in the area, where visitors can enjoy local recipes. The baths are open from the middle of June to the middle of October.