Icaria, Greece

The beneficial effects of the Ikarian geothermal springs (http://ikaria-culture.samos.gr/frontend/photo_gallery.php) to the treatment of many diseases has been known since ancient times, according to historical sources and evidence from the ruins of ancient premises.

In particular, the island’s geothermal springs are considered appropriate for the treatment of:

  • Subacute and chronic rheumatism, including various forms of arthritis
  • Gout
  • Neuralgia and myalgia
  • Gynaecological conditions
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Certain abnormalities of the cardiovascular system
  • Disorders of the respiratory system
  • Skin conditions

According to studies, the thermal springs of Ikaria are among the most radioactive springs worldwide, they belong to the category of radioactive superheated saline springs and vary in radioactive intensity and temperature.

Note that there is no risk of radiation emerging from the springs during bathing, because it exclusively comes from radon, which is expelled from the body, not radium salts. On the other hand, the water that ends up in the baths has a reduced amount of radioactivity, since it gets mixed with seawater.

The main spa is Therma in Agios Kirykos, where you will find five of the main thermal springs of the island.

There are private spas, and two public with modern facilities and infrastructure for people with disabilities.


Apollo phone: +30 22750 24049

Spileo phone: +30 22750 24048

The springs are open from May to December during morning and evening and efforts are made to keep them open throughout the year.