Hveravellir T=75-100°C, Iceland

Location: on the Kjolur Route, road N 35, unpaved (if you rent a car, check car insurance conditions for this road).
hveravellir@hveravellir.is. www.hveravellir.is
Facilities: Two mountain huts with kitchen facilities and a hot pool just outside the hut. Beds shall be booked in advance. Nearby is a motor camping ground.
Description: It is a geothermal field with different types of griffons, geysers, fumaroles, and multicolored hot pools. The labdscape is spectacular! Thermal water from the field flows through a natural cascade to the swimming pool. Cold water comes into the pool via two separate pipes cooling the hot water. The hot pool is small, only for several people. In this thermal spring we boiled the eggs (see ////).
Water type: H2S gas.