Butchers Pool Reporoa, New Zealand

Инфраструктура: бассейн

Butchers pool is named after a Mr Butcher one of the first settlers in Reporoa. It was near his homestead and he and his family used it as a bath. He later ‘gifted’ this pool to the people of Reporoa and it has been upgraded during WW2 by persons who were ‘objectors’ as part of their work. It has since been greatly improved due to a substantial grant of money for the year 2000, and now comprises sealed walkways, toilets and changing rooms, etc. Please treat the pool with respect when visiting. [Robbie, Rotorua]

Butcher’s pool fills from hot and cold internal blue, non-smelling mineral springs and water exits continually so renewing and cleansing itself. Rotorua District Council mow lawns and clear rubbish so this is a clean, attractivepublic pool with a changing room and toilets.Visitors could assist council by placing all rubbish and cans in bins provided. Good parking is provided.
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