Caldes d’Estrac, Spain

Balneari Titus
Km. 655, N-II, 08350 Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
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The Balneario Titus Thermal Baths are located between Arenys de Mar and Caldetes, 38 Km. from Barcelona and 9 Km from Mataró, just 50 m. from the beach and with superb views of the sea.

Among all the thermal establishments with waters containing sodium chloride in Catalonia, the TITUS Thermal Baths are the nearest to the sea, being just fifty metres from the beach and only five metres above sea level.


It was over two hundred years ago that, right in the rock-face of the mountain-side in the upper part of what is now the Balneario Titus, the discovery was made of a medicinal mineral water spring that led to the creation of a thermal establishment on the site, located within the municipal area of Arenys de Mar. Founded in 1794, the «Banys de Can Titus» is today known as «Balneari Titus».

Roman marble baths, now converted into original flower-beds, are still to be found today at the entrance to the building.

A publication dating from 1890 affirms that the one true spring of thermal waters in the Maresme region is to be found at the Titus baths; in fact, by 1853 they had already acquired considerable fame and importance as the best-known thermal baths in the province, according to the writings of a certain Pusalgas y Guerris.

The site is surrounded by coastal scenery but tucked into the rock-face in this mountainous area of the Maresme region, out of which the waters of the Titus thermal spring have now been flowing continuously since 1794.

A physical and chemical analysis of the medicinal mineral waters of the Balneario Titus
Thermal Baths Undertaken by the Dr. B. Oliver Rodes Laboratories
Silica (SIo2) 52,3 mg/l Cations
Calcium (Ca) 15,0 mg/l
Anions Magnesium (Mg) 0,6 mg/l
Bicarbonates (HCO3) 158,7 mg/l Sodium (Na) 259,4 mg/l
Sulphates (SO$) 53,0 mg/l Potassium (K) 7,6 mg/l
Chlorides (CL) 280,4 mg/l Lithium (Li) 0,54 mg/l
Fluorides (F) 7,2 mg/l
Bromides (Br) 1,0 mg/l Temperature 37º C
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Hotel Colón Thalasso Termal
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Banys termals (near Ajuntament) or Balneari Caldes d’Estrac
La Riera, 29, 08393 Caldes d’Estrac, Barcelona, Испания
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Balneari Caldes d’Estrac
Carrer de La Riera, 29
08393 Caldes d’Estrac – Barcelona

Tel. 937 91 26 05 / Mob. 639 92 81 86



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