Terme di Saturnia, Italy

Терме ди Сатурния

Местоположение: Via Saturnia, 1, 58014 Manciano GR, Italy. 170 км от Рима, 200 ль от Флоренции и 450 км от Милана.
Инфраструктура: природный источник, термы, отель.
История: The Terme di Saturnia dates back to the Etruscan ages when the places was known as Aurinia. After, in the 2nd century b.c. the romans renamed this place in Saturnia. In the nearby of Saturnia there are numerous ruins of ancient Etruscan necropolies, elegant roman villas and medieval fortress/
Описание: Saturnia, one of the most visited places in Maremma is famous for its thermal baths (the water gush out from the cliffs at a rate of 800 liters per second and at a temperature of 37,5° C). The places is surrounded by beautiful scenery, medieval fortresses and ancient roman ruins. Terme di Saturnia spa is one of the top full-service European spa resorts, it offers an exclusive welcome, in a natural, unique and evocative setting, rich in history, culture and knowledge on well-being.
An alternative to the thermal center is the Mulino water falls (known as Cascate del Gorello), free access, placed to 2 km from the village of Saturnia. The source of the Saturnia thermal waters spring from a volcanic crater (where is the resort’s main pool) the waters slides subsequently along a natural stream for about 500 meters, and it form, near an ancient watermill, a waterfall and many little natural pools dug in the cliff. It is a place very attended by day and by night.
Тип воды: Т=37,5° C, дебит 800 л/сек.