Akacligetfurdo in Karcag, Hungary

Акацлигет купальня (Акациевая)

Acacia Park Spa

Phone number’: +36 59/312-353
Address: Karcag, Fürdő út 3.
Executive Manager: Andrási István
Centre e-mail: akacligetfurdo@gmail.com

The medical water of Akácliget Spa is uniqe in the area. The water comes from 1497 m depth to the surface, its temperature measured at the head of the well is 70 ºC containing 7,011.19 mg/l of salt. The components of the water are suitable for locomotor diseases/disorders, alleviation of different gyneacological problems, some cutaneous diseases as well as for chronic degenerative spinal and rheumatoid diseases, inchoate spinal disc hernia, fractures and rehabilitation after orthopedic operations.
Our guests can enjoy the healing effects of the medical water all year around in two, in wintertime in three outdoor pools with the temperature of 36-38 ºC and 28-30 ºC. The chemicals dissolved in the water intensify its healing effects. Some materials excite the skin or absorb through it. The gases engulfed excite the skin on the one hand, absorb through the skin or, on the other hand, they have an effect on the body by being breathed in through the respiratory tracts. Such chemical effects strengthen the immune system.
Other positive effects of our medical water:
Heat effect: relaxing, reduces pain, releases grip. Articulation becomes more moveable. Heat excites the thermoreceptors of the skin, that effect the nerve plexuses along the arteries. As a direct effect, neurotransmitters e.g. acetylcholine get disengaged. The blood temperature increases from the skin.
Chemical effect: waters coming from the ground can contain such elements that can’t be found in surface water. The subsidence of salts on the body coming from the water cause skin excitement that leads to the release of vasolidating materials. The mineral synthesis of the body gets changed.
Biological effects: by diffusion metabolism runs its course through the skin between the elements of the body and that of the water. Our body gets rid of much excreta. Bigger strain falls on the heart, the circulation gets faster and the blood pressure changes. The metabolism depends on the temperature of the water and the microclimate. Usually a 20-30-min bath is enough for the absorption of the water elements.
We cans also experience effects on the vegetative nerve system: we become calmer, get a bit tired and we are after a good rest after bathing. Water therapy has a gentle effect on our nerve system independent of our wish: releases tension, decreases nervousness, insomnia, menopausal symptoms and high blood pressure.
Тип воды: солоноватая М=7011 мг/л, хлоридная натриевая, Т=70°С, йодистая, бромистая, фтористая.
Mineral components of the thermal water:


Cations  Concentration mg/l  Concentration mg/l  mg equivalent
Natrium                                             2 587,00                     112,53                        92,48
Kalium                                                   11,00                          0,28                          0,23
Ammonia                                                   37,70                          2,09                          1,72
Calcium                                                   95,80                          4,78                          3,93
Magnesium                                                   23,90                          1,97                          1,62
Ferrum                                                     0,69                          0,02                          0,02
Manganese                                                          —                               —  —
Total amount                                             2 756,14                     121,67                     100,00
Anions  Concentration mg/l  Concentration mg/l  mg equivalent
Nitride  —  —  —
Nitrate  —  —  —
Chlorid                                             3 704,00                     104,48                        91,22
Sulfate  —  —  —
Charbonate                                                   60,00                          2,00                          1,75
Hydrocharbonate                                                491,10                          8,05                          7,03
Hydroxid  —  —  —
Total amount                                             4 255,05                     114,53                     100,00
Cations and anions altogether: 7011,19 mg/l

Temperature  70,00 °C
Colour  Sárgás
pH                                                           8,32
Conductivity  10334,00 µ S cm
Evaporation  6174,00 mg/l
Kolpe  15,00 mg/l
p Lye  1,00 m mol/l
m Lye  10,05 m mol/l
Total Water Hardness  188,00 Ca 0 mg/l
Carb. Hardness  188,00 Ca 0 mg/l
Fixed CO2  221,1mg/l
Humic Acid  4,90 mg/l
Fluoride  4,75 mg/l
Bromide  135,00 mg/l
Jodide  8,80mg/l