Yalova Thermal Spas SPA, Turkey

These thermal springs are situated 11 km southwest of Yalova with a capacity of about 800 beds between hotels and guest houses. The waters (57-60 C) contain sulphur, sodium and calcium, and are suitable for drinking and bathing cures beneficial for rheumatic, gynecologic, urinary and nervous complaints and controlling cholesterol and lipid levels.
Thermal Spas SPA
Gökçedere, 77400 Термал/Ялова, Турция
+90 226 675 74 00
Yeni Sıra Banyo
Mother Bath
Yıldız Termal Tesisleri Havuzlu Sauna Kaplıca Hamamları
Osmanlı Bayanlar Hamamı
Gökçedere Mahallesi Muhtarlığı
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