Hveragerdi hot springs, T=75-100°C, Iceland

Location: Hveramork 13, 810 Hveragerdi. 45 km from Reykjavik.
Description: Throughout the year pillars of steam may be seen rising up out of the town. Right inside the town of Hveragerdi is an area of hot springs from which the community derives its name (hver=hot spring). Hot springs are literally in each backyard. Visitors can learn about geothermal energy and the springs., which include Dynkur, which spouts regularly, Ruslahver which has an interesting history, and many more. A new hot spring area broke through the ground in the earthquake that shook Iceland’s southern part in 2008. it is situated in the hillside above the town. Several very active hot springs can be seen that throw colorful mud and clear water in the air.
Water type: