Термальные источники Уганды

Uganda is located in a geological setting of tectonically
active rift system and characterized by recent volcanism.
This is ideal geology for geothermal resources and evidence
of geothermal resources include hot springs, warm springs,
gaseous emission, travertine, hydrothermally altered rocks,
mineral precipitates and thermophyllic grass (Figure 1).
Preliminary surveys for geothermal resources in Uganda
dates way back in 1920 when Geological Survey of Uganda
was established.

Hot Springs in Uganda

Ihimbo Hot Springs
Kitagata Hot springs
Nyamasi Hot Springs
Kibiro Hot Springs
Buranga Hot Springs
kagamba Hot Springs
Bubaare Hot springs
Karungu Hot springs
Rubaare Hot springs
Birara Hot springs
Kisiizi Hot springs
Minera Hot springs
Kanyineabalongo Hot springs
Kiruruma Hot springs
Kabuga (Muhokya) Hot springs
Kibenge (Kyiriba Kya Kyathumba) Hot springs
Rwagimba Hot springs
Rwimi Warm Springs
Panyamulu Hot springs

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