Термальные источники Японии

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Regular Bath

  • After rinsing your body well, soak in gently.
  • Better not to take right before eating to avoid feeling ill and lethargic, or right after to avoid heart trouble. Especially do not take after drinking.

It is suitable to soak for 5 to 10mins in hot water(43℃~44℃), and 20 to 30mins in lukewarm water.
Take once a day for the first several days, and try gradually up to 3 times afterwards. Taking too much could be counterproductive. Do not rinse off your body with fresh water after (except for person with sensitive skin), or you might wash away the effects of hot spring. Wipe off gently and take a rest for 30mins to 1 hr after bathing.

Takiyu: Waterfall Shower

Another name is Utaseyu. Falling waters will give you a massage and release you from backache, joint pain and/or stiff neck. Take a warm bath lightly before and place a towel on the localized part of body to receive a waterfall shower. First begin with 2 to 3mins and then try 10 to 15mins to make it more effective. (Kitahama Hot Spring・Utopia Hamawaki Hot Spring)

Doroyu: Mud Bath

This is mineral mud to soak in or spread on the localized part of body. Effective for high blood pressure, neuralgia and/or diabetes.

Sunayu: Sand Bath

This stimulates perspiration by covering you up to your neck with warm sand heated by the hot spring and gives you a massage with its pressure. Take once a day for 15 to 20mins. Effective for neuralgia, backache and/or stiff neck. (Takegawara Hot Spring・Beppu Beach Sand Bath)

Mushiyu: Steam Bath

Steamed by thermal springs you will be released from fatigue by stimulating metabolism and perspiration. Kannawa Mushiyu utilizes steam of 75℃ to 80℃, while Shibaseki is 55℃. They are both suitable to take for 10 to 15mins. (Kannawa Mushiyu / Shibaseki Hot Spring)

Hokkaido Island

Noboribetsu hot springs
Toyako hot springs
Futumata Radium hot spring
Kamuiwakkayu Falls
Iwaobetsu hot spring
Seseki hot spring

Honshu Island


Tamagawa onsen
Goshogake onsen
Fukenoyu onsen
Matsukawa onsen
Nyuto onsen (Tsurunoyu, Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo, Ganiba onsens)
Naruko onsen
Ginzan onsen
Iizaka onsen
Takayu onsen

Nuruyu hot spring
Namerikawa hot spring
Ubayu hot spring префектура Ямагата Осава

Kanto around Tokyo

Kusatsu onsen
Manza onsen
Hakone Yumoto
Minakami onsen
Tanigawa Onsen
Suzumorinoyu onsen
Sarugakyo Onsen and Hoshi Onsen
Takaragawa Onsen
Nasu onsen
Nakamiyori onsen
Nikko onsen
Ikaho onsen
Kinugawa onsen
Yunishigawa onsen
Kawaji onsen
Shiobara onsen
Shima onsen


Okuhida region: Hirayu onsen, Shin-Hirayu onsenTochio onsenShin-Hotaka Onsen.
Yudanaka onsen
Shibu onsen

Shirahone onsen
Gero onsen
Kaga onsen
Wakura onsen
Asama and Shiraito onsens, Matsumoto
Togura Kamiyamada Onsen

Kansai (around Kyoto)

Kinosaki onsen
Arima onsen
Katsuura onsen
Shirahama onsen
Yunomine onsen
Watarase onsen
Kawayu onsen


Dogo onsen


Kurokawa onsen
Beppu onsen
Yufuin onsen
Kirishima onsen

Unzen onsen
Ibusuki hot beach
Takeo onsen
Ureshino onsen

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